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Retsel Mil Publications (RMP) has established Retsel Mil Japan, LLC (RMJ), a group company of RMP, and has been preparing for the commencement of the business.
RMJ has concluded an exclusive sale music distributorship agreement with Brain Co., Ltd. (Brain/Bravo Music), and will officially start the business on 24 February 2021.

The mighty international sales channels of Brain Corporation enable Retsel Mil to offer the band music written for the Asian region to more bands in a better way. This initiative is a fusion of Asian band scene in the midst of energetic development and the traditional excellence of the Japanese music publishing industry, which will contribute to the evolution of the band scene in Asia.

A message from Lester Lim, the Representative Manager of Retsel Mil Publications and General Manager of Retsel Mil Japan, is as follows:


Tales of the Sea by Soichi Konagaya was Retsel Mil Publications’ first publication 18 years ago. Since then, we have made tremendous progress over the years by constantly seeking ways to improve on the quality of our publications.

This year, we are pleased to announce the launch of our new publishing company Retsel Mil Japan, LLC. We would like to present to you our new products that are produced by our Japanese team. We will be partnering with Brain Co., Ltd. (Brain/Bravo Music) who prints, markets and distributes Retsel Mil Japan’s products internationally.

Continuing our focus of curating works of Asian origins, we hope the expertise from our Japanese team members will further enhance the editorial and presentation standards of our products.

As we undertake our new challenges, we look forward to serving and to have your continuous support in the future.

Yours faithfully,
Lester Lim

1. 13 titles to be sold simultaneously from RMJ

13 titles of band music written for the Asian region will be sold, including set pieces for previous Singapore Youth Festival; Tales of the Sea (Soichi Konagaya, 2003), Dare to Dream (Johnson Lee, 2018), and Festival on Earth (Jinjun Lee, 2019), as well as arrangements commissioned by Perak Band Instructors Association, Malaysia; Irama Medley Melayu – Malay Folk Song Medley I & II, and Asian Delights (Keiichi Kurokawa) on Wednesday, 24 February 2021.

2. Music scores are distributed by Brain Co., Ltd.

All music scores published by RMJ will be produced and globally distributed by Brain Co., Ltd. through Brain Music International ( Digital distribution will be available as well as physical sheet music.

3. Several works are transferred from RMP to RMJ

Some titles previously published by RMP have been transferred to RMJ, which reprints them after re-engraving and
More works are planned to be transferred.

4. RMP promotes development of specialised products for locals

RMP will intensify its effort to produce software focused on the South East Asian context, and RMJ publishes works that are suitable for the international market. RMP and RMJ further promote publishing activities by taking advantage of each company.


About Retsel Mil Publications

Retsel Mil Publications was established in 2003 with the aim of publishing band music from Singapore and other Asian countries. It has published over 60 band works by South East Asian composers and arrangements of popular local works.

About Retsel Mil Japan, LLC

Retsel Mil Japan, LLC, established in 2018 as a group company of Retsel Mil Publications, and has been preparing for the commencement of the business. Retsel Mil Japan, LLC publishes mainly band music, does engraving, editing and management of music copyrights.

About Brain Co., Ltd.

Brain Co., Ltd. was established in 1976 and performs audio-visual recording of the band and choral music, production and sales of software such as CDs, DVDs, distribution, production, publication and sales of music scores, and copyright management. In the realm of music scores, Brain Co., Ltd. has published more than 2,000 pieces for wind band and chamber ensembles.

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